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Lead Squeeze’s proprietary call center analytics tool gives you a wealth of data revealing how and where to improve your ROI. It keeps things simple by providing color-coded zones, so you can tell at a glance what adjustments to make for the most impact.

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Zone in with Lead Squeeze

Our Lead Squeeze reporting tool makes it easy to identify where your campaign is doing better than average – and where it’s not – so you can make smart decisions about where to focus your efforts to improve performance. Here’s an example:

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All-In-One dashboard that shows you at a glance where your campaign is performing – and where it’s not so you can make smart decisions about where to focus your efforts. With agent performance, lead segment performance, center performance or other customizable nodes, you’ll always have the information you need to optimize performance!


You sure don’t need us to tell you that your resources to build business are not limitless, but we sure understand it. That’s why we developed Lead Squeeze for you - so you can dedicate resources to the areas that will “squeeze” the highest return out of your marketing dollar. You and your subject experts will know right were to look for high impact improvement, with revealing data in key areas:

Scripting Analysis

Gain insight into your script’s overall effectiveness. Where are agents losing calls, and how can drops be prevented? Are there areas in the script where agents tend to struggle that need attention? What rebuttals and FAQs are agents using the most, and how can objections be overcome upfront? With information like this in hand, scripts can be revised and tested for optimal performance.

Media Analysis

Your media should be working hard for you, and Lead Squeeze makes sure that’s happening. You’ll get a cost per sale analysis down to the media level based on contact and conversion rates for each media source. This allows you to focus your media spend where you are getting the most bang for your buck.

Geographical Analysis

To maximize your marketing dollar, pinpoint the areas your product or service is more likely to sell. Lead Squeeze provides conversion rates (sales to contacts) and response rate (sales to net leads) performance by state, city, and zip code so you can tap the most fruitful markets.

Agent and Quality Analysis

Your agent are the voice of your brand and the driver of your conversions. That’s why it’s vital to know who are your top performers, and who needs additional coaching to improve performance. With Lead Squeeze, you can track average call length, disposition percentages, sales, conversion, and overall call quality of each agent, so you can allocate resources wisely.


Increase your contact rate through supportive efforts from voice mail, text and email on a real time basis as leads come in and are attempted to be contacted. Set up custom parameters on when you want each channel initiated. Get prospects to return your calls to help you improve your contact and response rates.

To be sure your prospects receive the best brand experience – and your marketing investment receives the highest return – Lead Squeeze is your go-to tool.


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